How a Fashion Belt Company is Helping Future Women Leaders to Achieve Great Success

How a Fashion Belt Company is Helping Future Women Leaders to Achieve Great Success

How do you define success? Success can mean having a stable, healthy relationship. Success can mean having a fulfilling, meaningful career. Success can mean being an integral part of a larger community. Success can mean feeling confident, powerful and in control. 

For many of us, it can be easy to forget the thousands of steps we have taken along the way to reach our pinnacle of success. It’s important to also remember that we didn’t reach our success on our own. We had support. 

I want you to all go back in time. Remember a point when you were younger, before you had your first “real” job. What was it like the first time you put your resume together? Now, think about looking for that first “grown-up” job. How did you find out about it? How did you reach out to these prospective employers? Did you have a cover letter (and who taught you how to even write it)?

You landed that first interview. What did you wear? You knew it was something more formal than jeans and a halter top, but how did you choose the outfit? Then, once you were sitting uncomfortably in that unfamiliar room, how did you present yourself? Did you answer every question confidently and accurately?

Business Casual Woman Wearing the Contorno Snake Como Belt

Did you figure out all of this on your own? Or was there a friend, a family member, a colleague, a teacher, a mentor who shared their experiences with you, offered some advice, and/or made a few introductions? 

Now, imagine if you didn’t have that helpful person and those extra tips. There is a chance you may not have got your first job. That job, which led to your second, and to your third. All of which, has led you to where you are at this moment. 

Many of us are very fortunate to have had that extra help personally and professionally. Not every woman has that same fortune. All of us here at Contorno Belts want to help to support and empower these women to achieve great success with their professional journey. Will you join us on this mission?

We know that many of you may have overcome challenges and struggles to get to your level of success. We celebrate you and your level of tenacity, strength, and leadership. But, there is more than just how we can grow individually. True success means giving back to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves, and share the wisdom that someone else shared with us. 

Contorno Belts honors the independent spirit in all of you. We create our fashion belts to be more than just beautiful accessories — Contorno Belts are a symbol of all of your personal and professional achievements. Part of our core ethos is to join a larger community that supports and empowers women at all stages of their ascension. 

Contorno Belts proudly supports Dress For Success, an international non-profit organization that helps low-income women get on their feet professionally. With every Contorno Belt purchased, we donate a portion of the proceeds to this important and worthy organization. We want to support the next generation of leaders, no matter what circumstances they may come from. 

Buying a Contorno Belt can help accomplish all of this. For you, wearing a Contorno Belt will boldly symbolize to the world that you are an independent, empowered leader. If you are a veteran in the workforce, a successful entrepreneur, or a super mom that is balancing a family and career, you have so much to offer. You’ve learned from your share of mistakes, have had losses and wins, and have acquired great knowledge over the many years you’ve been on your own personal and professional journey. Will you stand with us to help the many women in need?

Professional Woman Wearing the Contorno Paloma Belt

Dress for Success recognizes that not all women have been as fortunate as we have been learning these vital life skills. Dress for Success supplies women with both professional attire and vital job-search and interviewing skills. Dress for Success helps break the cycle of poverty that can plague many, promoting the economic stability that can change the entire course of someone’s life.

Contorno Belts celebrates this empowering spirit. Every time you proudly wear a Contorno Belt, remember that it is far more than just a gorgeous piece of fashion. Contorno Belts are symbolically part of a larger spirit to not only embody your inner power, but to help others do the same. 

Woman in Casual Dress Wearing the Contorno Snake Glam Belt

Success can be defined in countless ways, and supporting others get on their feet is one of the most important. Contorno Belts will help you to do it!


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