How These Belts Will Show Off 5 Exciting Sides of You This Fall

How These Belts Will Show Off 5 Exciting Sides of You This Fall

We are inundated with hundreds of fashion messages on all forms of social media daily. More than ever, you need to be in charge of what being a sexy, powerful, strong woman means. You have no interest in letting “influencers” or “brand ambassadors” tell you how to use fashion to define yourself. Contorno Belts is by your side and will help to guide your journey to fashion independence.

Made from high-quality 100% genuine leather, Contorno Belts are designed with a purpose. Versatile, sexy, and chic, Contorno Belts will empower you to show the world the best that you are. In addition -- and as important -- Contorno gives back to organizations to help women get back on their feet. So, not only is wearing Contorno Belts important to express who you are; but purchasing them helps other women do the exact same.

Contorno Belts are made for self-confident women like yourself. You don’t hide behind oversized clothes. You aren’t uncomfortable having a few extra pounds (or not enough) to fit the “standard” - whatever that is. No. That ended years ago. You show the world who you are by what you wear, and you show off your body for the gorgeous piece of art that it is. Because it is YOU. Look, we know that putting on a belt as a fashion statement can be intimidating. You are putting yourself out there to the world. But, this is what you do. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

Fashion isn’t just a way for you to show the world what you look like on the outside; it’s a way to show what you are feeling on the inside. Contorno Belts will help expose yourself to the world confidently and boldly. Accessories aren’t just so you can look beautiful. You know you are beautiful. You want to accessorize to show who you are on the inside. The spectrum of Contorno Belts is designed to show off the many sides of you.

5 of the Many Sides of You

1.) Adventurous - The Contorno Medora Belt

Contorno Medora BeltWe have all taken those last-minute weekend getaways to meet that special person in fabulous cities like NYC or SF. We have all taken impromptu trips to ski or wine country. With only a few hours to pack, Contorno Belts are an easy, elegant fix to a simple black outfit made for traveling. You may be heading to a secret rendezvous, but you still want to show the world you are up for any adventure. You want to get off that airplane ready to go. The Contorno Medora Belt is all you need.

2.) Romantic - The Contorno Snake Como Belt

Contorno Snake Combo BeltThen there are the days where you just want to stay in with your other half. These are the days where just want to be in your comfort zone and make an intimate dinner with a special bottle of wine. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to stop expressing who you are, just this time only in a relaxed manner. The Contorno Snake Como Belt is a perfect match with a sexy top and chic designer jeans when you let your hair down with someone you love.

3.) Glamorous - The Contorno Paloma Belt

Contorno Paloma Belt Nothing makes you happier than the anticipation of an upcoming social event. Maybe it’s going out with the girls to a rooftop party at your friend’s private club. Or it’s a cocktail party in your backyard garden. Or it’s going out to dinner with your new love at a hot new restaurant. Wearing the Contorno Paloma Belt is more than a fashion statement, it’s a fashion declaration. You are fabulous and alive, and you are the heart and soul of any party.

4.) Relaxed - The Contorno Sedona Belt

    Contorno Sedona BeltSometimes you just want to be in a quiet, introspective frame of mind. You don’t have to live in Carmel or Healdsburg to be California dreaming. These are the days to enjoy a park, read summer novels, or walk quietly on the beach. These are the days just for you. The Contorno Sedona Belt can match your contemplative, personal moments. You do this only for you.

    5.) Rebellious - The Contorno Marquis Belt

      Contorno Marquis BeltFinally, there is your rebellious side. The edgy side. The attitude. Fearless. Fun. No matter your age, you know you are young in spirit. You are always up to hit a downtown art gallery. You know all the nightclubs behind secret doors in neighborhoods you probably shouldn’t be in. You are bold and brave. And your fierce Contorno Marquis Belt will help you express your independence.

      Contorno Belts aren’t a fashion accessory... Contorno Belts are a way of life. You know that independence and confidence have nothing to do with body shape. It’s all about attitude and inner power. Let Contorno Belts help express exactly who you are.



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