How These Women's Belts Express Freedom, Bridge Generational Gaps and Capture the Timeless Spirit of Woodstock

How These Women's Belts Express Freedom, Bridge Generational Gaps and Capture the Timeless Spirit of Woodstock

50 years ago, in a world in some ways wildly different yet very similar to ours now, the younger generation mobilized on a large farmland in Bethel, NY. They united over many causes, and the commonality was their love of music, creativity, expression, peace, and freedom. The weekend of 450,000+ people forever changed how we view the power of music, fashion, expression, and art in our culture, and the event spawned a host of similar gatherings since. (Coachella and Burning Man are direct descendants). And, the fashion ramifications of the event have rippled down culturally to this very day. These young people were united with common ideals and revolutionary beliefs, committed to making the world a better place. The event was Woodstock.

Maybe you were a young person who either attended or was fascinated by what your generation was expressing. Maybe you were born in the next decade or so, still feeling the artistic reverberations. Or, maybe it’s your mother (or grandmother!) who lived in that day, and it’s been in your sphere of influence longer than you realize. But, make no mistake, the creative, spiritual and powerful intent behind Woodstock has affected your fashion choices more than you realize.

Free and flowy dresses. Knee-high boots. Anything southwestern or Native American influenced. Headbands. Leather, beaded necklaces and bracelets. Turquoise. Loose, colorful clothing. Flower prints. Proudly showing the skin of your arms, your shoulders, your midriff fearlessly. Bohemian style. Hippie-chic. All of this comes from the fashion declarations of Woodstock.

And, in the past 50 years, all of these fashion statements have been present in our culture… all embodying the true spirit of that ground-breaking weekend. I know you all have worn these fashions at one point in your life. And, I know some of you still incorporate these options into your look now. The spirit of Woodstock is timeless and symbolic. 

This is the spirit of Contorno Belts. Through timeless symbolism, Contorno Belts bridge the generational gap that is rarely possible in the fashion world. Contorno Belts buck the ethos that you will never wear what your mother or grandmother wore or wears. Contorno Belts, born from the Woodstock spirit, actually does the opposite!  

It has nothing to do with whether you are a Baby-Boomer, Gen X’r, Millennial, or Gen-Z’r. What matters is that you all are united with that same power of self-expression and freedom that took place on August 15 - 18, 1969. Woodstock was their expression of liberation, and Contorno Belts will help you express yours.

Drawing from the essence of Woodstock, Contorno Belts are made for women who express freedom in their fashion choices. Wearing a Contorno Belt is wearing your personal totem. Each of these belts represents specific symbols that directly connect you to the revolution of Woodstock. 

Looking a bit deeper at the line of Contorno Belts, you will see the Woodstock essence in each: 

  • The natural leather of all of the belts embodies the organic essence of that time. 
  • The Contorno Medora Belt showcases white stones, which for many symbolize a spiritual, transcendent path. 
  • The Contorno Sedona Belt has turquoise patterns that echo the ethos of the Native American Southwest.
  • The Contorno Snake Glam and Snake Como Belt’s represent the symbolic rebirth and transformation of a serpent. 
  • The Contorno Marquis Belt’s clear zirconia and blue stones offer yin/yang powers of high spiritual reception and inner peace and calmness.
  • The different shapes and sizes of the Contorno Paloma Belt’s translucent black faceted stones represent inner power and resilience.

The ultimate core spirit of Woodstock was to unite to give back to the world. If you are new to the Contorno Belt family know this -- with every belt purchase you make, a percentage of every sale goes directly to helping other women in need. We believe in giving back, and since we design for women, we focus our charitable donations on women-centered organizations. We currently partner with Dress for Success, a passionate charity that focuses on helping women regain independence through long-term rehabilitation programs and support services. 

50 years ago women were united in an effort to change the world through love, music, and peace. They succeeded. Be proud that you are part of a larger sisterhood spanning over 50 years. Carry that torch proudly wearing a Contorno Belt, and hand that torch of freedom to the next generation like it was passed to you.

Contorno Snake Glam Belt

Boldly wear the Contorno Snake Glam Belt at any age. Representing the rebirth of the phoenix, the snake symbolizes your power to continuously renew and liberate yourself.

Contorno Medora Belt

The Contorno Medora Belt is far more than a fashion statement. It is a fashion declaration that you are on a spiritual journey of freedom, enlightenment, and self-expression.

Contorno Marquis Belt

It’s okay if you weren’t alive for Woodstock. You love the late 60s boho fashion, and the Contorno Marquis Belt honors that dynamic and inspiring spirit.

Contorno Paloma Belt

Your free-spirit has been alive for decades, and you love to show it off. The Contorno Paloma Belt is a classic symbol you wear for any time of day.

Contorno Sedona Belt

A bold halter top and paisley have never gone out of style since the 60s. Nothing is a better match than the Contorno Sedona Belt with its southwestern vibe.

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