How to Proudly Cinch Your Waist this Fall

How to Proudly Cinch Your Waist this Fall

Researching this article, one phrase stood out on virtually every piece regarding Fall Trends of 2019: “Cinch Your Waist”. We have been talking about you, the Contorno Belt woman for weeks. We know you are fearless and independent. You embrace whatever body size you have with gusto and defiance. And, we have discussed that Contorno Belts are a fabulous way for you to brazenly challenge the world to look at your waist. You don’t cower behind baggy clothing. Your Contorno Belt represents your fearlessness.

But “Cinch Your Waist”? That is certainly a very bold statement to proclaim! Especially when it’s not beach weather (which you then anticipate with months of springtime yoga). Isn’t fall supposed to be our reward, to relax now that the busy summer season is over, and have a warm chocolate-chip cookie? 

Walking out of my apartment this weekend, I could smell that familiar scent in the air that I haven’t experienced in almost a year. You all know the one: that distinct crisp, refreshing aroma of dusty leaves and newly fallen acorns. Fall isn’t just the changing of the color of the trees; it’s a time to enjoy that calorie-laden pumpkin latte or hot chocolate with extra cream! Fall and winter are typically the seasons to add a couple pounds and hide them behind an extra layer of clothes. Fashionably, of course.

"Contorno women do not hide behind anything".

So, it wasn’t much of a surprise seeing one of the biggest Fall 2019 trends is to “Cinch Your Waist”. Very you, the Contorno woman! (But, this isn’t the first time you’ve been ahead of the curve, is it?) We do get it though: this is a courageous move for many of us — to publicly “Cinch Our Waist”.

Belts are huge for Fall 2019! HuffPost is advising readers to add a western belt (such as our Contorno Sedona Belt) to the must-have list of apparel. Vogue prophesied this past spring that a huge Fall 2019 accessory trend would be belts. Elle states in its A Complete Guide To The Top Fashion Trends Of Fall 2019: “It’s all about the belt!” If you ever were on the fence about whether or not to upgrade your look and include belts, Fall 2019 is the time to go for it.

How to Proudly Cinch Your Waist this Fall

The fall and winter are the seasons to add layers. Think of your Contorno Belt as just one more piece to highlight the different options you need to keep yourself warm and cozy (while always looking sexy and fashionable). 

What if that late October Saturday suddenly becomes so chilly that you need to wear an oversized white cashmere sweater to the afternoon football game? Add a Contorno Marquis Belt for a splash of sparkle and sophistication. Are you going to pull out your long herringbone coat for a quick late-season run to a farmer’s market? Don’t button it up — let everyone see your Contorno Snake Como Belt over a simple black top. Are you meeting the girls for an afternoon of chic urban shopping? Show off your high, sexy leather boots and a treasured plaid jacket for a stroll down the street. Remember belts aren’t only for sundresses and jeans. Cinch the waist of your coat with a Contorno Medora Belt

Contorno Snake Como Belt

Also, remember, we need to start thinking as belts as jewelry. You would never go out in the fall without the right necklace, bracelet or ring to match that look you want. Wearing hats, boots and long coats would never stop you from accessorizing. And, the days of matching belts to shoes or jewelry are decades over. All six of our unique Contorno Belts suddenly create six radically different looks with your new strappy sandals. (Yes, I know you still wear these favorite shoes even if it is cold out!)

Contorno Medora Belt

Winter months will approach, and it may not make sense to wear a fashionable accessory belt on the outside of layers. On these upcoming snowy days, put on your favorite Contorno Belt underneath your big puffy ski jacket. You don’t need to show off to the world. Wear that belt to remind yourself who you are privately - what your Contorno Belt represents to you is personal.  We want you to start thinking of a Contorno Belt as an intimate expression of yourself.  

Take hold of Fall 2019 like you’ve never done before. Yes, wear those extra layers and mix and match patterns and styles. But, this year, proudly wear a Contorno Belt to Cinch Your Waist.  Show off your fabulous fall and winter form.

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