Minimalistic Empowerment: 3 Belt Options to Help the Busy Woman Slay the Day

Minimalistic Empowerment: 3 Belt Options to Help the Busy Woman Slay the Day

What does “minimalism” mean to you? 

We know that fashion trends are cyclical, and usually every 20 years or so, certain trends come back. So here we are in 2019, re-entering the late 1990s classic “basic black” look. Minimalism in fashion is tricky, though. On paper, “fashion” implies a bold statement. And, on paper, “minimalism” implies removing that very boldness. You have to have a true core of self-awareness and self-confidence to pull off rockstar minimalistic fashion. 

And, we know you know this. Minimalism has never been a trend for you. You removed the noise from your life years ago. Minimalism is your classic self. All you need to express yourself creatively with fashion is one accessory. As we discussed last week, a Contorno Belt is just that. Now, permit me a slight left turn, for I have a small, but important story to share.  

A friend of mine was in town with his vibrant, smashing 17-year-old daughter. Thrilled to be in the middle of my city, she tore through the boutiques with impressive zeal. We started to talk about her love of clothing and fashion. I went deeper with a flurry of questions, curious to understand the mindset of today’s high school crowd when it comes to fashion — and most importantly — body image. The story she shared with me left me stunned.

She explained that many young women — even as young as 5th and 6th grade — have become obsessed with becoming an “influencer” and/or a ‘brand ambassador” for fashion labels. And, they are prey to many shady companies, who only offer these young girls a discount on purchases if they promote the product. More disturbingly, many of these young women manipulate their own body images to look older, thinner, and differently shaped, while adding various layers of sparkles, glitter, photo filters, and colorful backgrounds to their photographs. Not only did it sound wildly complicated, but it had very disturbing overtones of lack of self-worth, unhealthy body image, low self-esteem, and self-confidence. (Thankfully my wise young friend and her girlfriends have side-stepped these landmines). 

All of this is the opposite of minimalism. I know we all have stories of our youth when we used to use fashion to get adoration, love, and connection. I just wanted to give you a reminder of what it was like to walk in the shoes of a younger person. You know you don’t need bells and whistles to announce who you are anymore. Now let’s all help these young women do the same thing. 

Contorno Belts wants to encourage you to be a role model for younger women in your life with how you declare your power and independence. Minimalism is how you express being sexy, confident and in charge. As an ardent supporter of women’s rights organizations in an effort to help others find their power, Contorno Belts will be your partner to help you achieve that look. 

3 Minimalistic Belt Options to Help the Busy Woman Slay the Day

[Basic Black]

Contorno - Medora Belt

As a leader at work, which we know you are, you don’t want fashion to distract from your power. Black says it all. But, you need one object to fully explain your essence. Overlooking your domain, the Contorno Medora Belt will give you that quiet, regal respect you have earned.

[Sitting in the Sun]

Contorno - Sedona Belt

You don’t need a partner in your life 24/7. Another thing you moved on from decades ago. But you never haphazardly put an outfit together; you are on a date with your fabulous self. The entire array of Contorno Belts can keep that minimalistic mood during your meditative moments outdoors. Something about the Contorno Sedona Belt style has the spiritual calm we all need. 

[Relaxing on a Sunday]

Contorno - Snake Como Belt

Some days when you are alone, you just want to sit and be one with yourself without any distraction. But, even in that simple fashion state of mind, you want to give it a slight edge. You deserve that extra. The Contorno Snake Como Belt will symbolically show the fiery spirit within you.

Teach the next generation how to show their inner power with a “less-is-more” approach. Simple. Stylish. Sexy. Contorno Belts will complete your minimalistic look.

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