Women of Contorno Belts Spotlight: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Carol Brymm

Women of Contorno Belts Spotlight: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Carol Brymm

We have spent the last several weeks defining the Contorno Belt woman. The Contorno woman is intelligent. She is driven. She is bold. She is confident. She is philanthropic. She is you. Today, we are starting an on-going series interviewing Contorno Belt women to encourage a community sharing similar ideals and values. It’s important for you to know who you are, and it’s equally important for you to know you are not alone.

Carol Brymm is one of our Contorno Belt models. Hailing from Houston, TX - Carol spent years in New York City before settling in San Francisco. Carol owns her own legal executive search company, and her entrepreneurial spirit does not stop there. She launched a very successful brand of designer chocolate strawberries while in New York. Carol is about to launch Pop Crush, a unique popcorn health food snack loaded with protein, vitamins, and nutrients. In addition, Carol is developing a TV show about being a female entrepreneur in the city. An unabashed fashionista, Carol has long been involved with local philanthropic efforts to help elevate women. Carol is not only a Contorno Belt model, she is you.

Contorno Belts: You have been an entrepreneur for years. What advice can you give other women who want to follow in your footsteps?

Carol: it’s important to first believe in yourself. I spent too many years in New York City working for large firms who tried to cut me down because I am a free spirit. It didn’t matter if I was kind to them or that I was a top producer. I always felt like a target, and I had enough. Being on my own gives me the true independence I want and need. For one, I worked in the fashion industry as an executive recruiter, and I used to see entrepreneurs — the designers — come in daily. I wanted to be one. So, I went for it. I knew I couldn’t be a designer, but I could be on my own and follow my own passions.

Contorno Belts: And you are doing it again with Pop Crush. What got you into popcorn? 

Carol: I love popcorn! I could eat it for every meal. It’s healthy, light and fun. But, there wasn’t a product on the market that had any true nutritional value. As I am very active, and I know a lot of women are, I personally need to get more protein into my diet. For me, it’s a perfect match. People have tried to make protein popcorn but have failed. I feel I have a winner. It tastes amazing! This is ideal for active women on the go.

Contorno Belts: Tell us about your love for fashion.

Carol: Fashion is everything. I have been in love with fashion my whole life. When I was in high school, I used to design my own outfits to which my mom would help me make. Unfortunately being from Houston, there wasn’t a lot of encouragement to go to design school. But, I was part of the fashion industry in New York as a recruiter and it was thrilling! Fashion is moveable creativity. You literally become a piece of artwork every day. 

Contorno Belts: Why are you involved in the community philanthropically?

Carol: I have had great success, but I know some pretty big failures too. Most importantly, when I fall I always get back up. I take chances, as I strive to constantly elevate myself. That’s what I want to help others do. This is exactly why organizations like Dress for Success (which Contorno Belts supports) are tremendously important. I have actually done the exact work on my own with women in my community to help them dress better, help them find work, and help them elevate. 

Contorno Belts: Which Contorno Belt do you think best represents you?

Carol: Like every accessory, I choose what I wear depending on my mood and the message I want to portray. Belts are a very important part of that decision. A belt is the final piece of artwork that pulls it all together. The pink dress that I am wearing is absolutely one of my favorite new purchases. This dress is a statement piece for me. I love how the Paloma Belt adds that extra little flair. My other favorite is the Sedona Belt. When I am walking my dog Jimmy Choo around my Pacific Heights neighborhood, I go for a casual look, like jeans and a simple top like from the shoot. As I am deeply into yoga, the Sedona belt reminds me of the spirituality of the southwest. It’s not often I can wear something and find it calming. 

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Carol Brymm Wearing the Paloma Contorno Belt

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Carol Brymm Wearing the Sedona Contorno Belt

Contorno Belts: Do you have any last thoughts for our readers?

Carol: It’s very important to give back to the community with organizations like Dress for Success. In addition, don’t forget the power you have of offering one word of encouragement to someone. It could be your partner, your friend, your family. That one word could literally help them change direction and elevate. So choose that word carefully, and choose the right time to share it. At this stage of my life, elevating others is equally as important to me as being a successful entrepreneur. We must help each other rise to higher stages of existence.

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