Hello, from beautiful Miami.


 Contorno Belts is an accessories collection designed to encourage women to express their personal sense of style. Featuring beautifully crafted leather belts, the collection is thoughtfully designed to give women the confidence to look and feel their absolute best – even when they’re wearing a basic top and jeans.



 The brand was founded by a Brazilian native now living in Miami. Andrea knows all too well that a hectic schedule working and raising children leaves little time to put together a fabulous outfit every morning. And Contorno Belts is determined to change that.

 From building careers to raising families to pursuing personal passions, women are busier than ever before. Contorno Belts was created to provide fashion-focused women with a single accessory that can transform and elevate any look in an instant. It is that notion of effortless ease that is the driving force behind each and every design.



The concept for the brand came to be when Andrea was flying from Brazil back to Miami. On her trip to South America she scoured local boutiques to find unique accessories to bring home to add to her increasingly basic “mommy wardrobe” of jeans and basic tops. She shared the idea of the brand with her husband, and Contorno Belts was officially born.



The word “contorno” translates to “contour” in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. And that’s precisely what the collection is designed to do: shape your body and shape your style.



We believe in giving back, and since we design for women, we focus our charitable donations on women-centered organizations. We currently partner with Dress for Success, a passionate charity that focuses on helping women regain independence through long-term rehabilitation programs and support services. A percentage of every sale from our website goes directly to helping other women in need.


We hope you enjoy our belts as much as we enjoy designing them!