How the Right Belt Can Help You Be Smart and Savvy on Business Trips

How the Right Belt Can Help You Be Smart and Savvy on Business Trips

How quickly do you pack for business trips? Do you plan days or even weeks ahead? Does your travel life consist of a multitude of suits dry-cleaned, shoes chosen and polished, and different outfits planned for every event?

Or do you pack lightly, only choosing a couple key, neutral outfits that you can accessorize into different looks?

I was at the airport last week picking up a friend. I started to casually check out the passengers as they strolled around the terminal. There were the usual suspects: people in their sweatpants, jeans with t-shirts, and shorts with sports jerseys. People carrying way too much luggage for wherever they are going.

Then, there were the business travelers who starkly stood out. 

They were all very smartly dressed -- business suits on both men and women. All of them impeccably coiffed, their clothes tailored, their compact luggage sleek and sexy. One word came to mind: power. These people were movers and shakers. 

Business people always seem to have the smallest suitcases to carry on the plane. What is in their luggage?

The next thought: I wonder how quickly it took to pack? (For me, not a business traveler, and not afraid to wear jeans and a t-shirt on a plane, packing can be an arduous, chaotic experience lasting hours). 

Think about it — all of you are busy professionals, and I’m sure many of you travel for work. How much time does packing take? Wouldn’t it be amazing to figure out a way to streamline the process?

We all know that we’re not living in the glamorous years of 1960s travel. Hours in lines, delays in flights, and bumper-to-bumper traffic to the hotel are the 21st century norm. The last thing we want is hours packing beforehand. 

What would make packing easier, more efficient, and give you the power outfits you need for the big meetings? 

Contorno Belts is the answer. Hear me out. 

My friend in Boston travels every other week to trade show events. I’ve known her my entire life, and I know that when we were younger, she would grab a pile of rumpled clothes and throw it into an overnight back before boarding a plane. Not anymore.

“I can’t get away with that now!” she laughed, when I called her about this blog post. “Sure, I am still running around like a chicken with my head cut off before calling a car to go to the airport. But, now I just have a few things that I know I can quickly pack to make me look professional.” 

And, one of them is a power belt from the Contorno Belt collection.

“Absolutely,” she said. “It changes the entire look! People don’t really pay attention to the fact that it’s the same outfit I wore, because I change the look completely with different belts. I have a great black pants suit, and I bring 2 or 3 belts. I’ll wear that suit to different events, each with a different belt.  Belts make the outfit pop and no one realizes I wore the same suit two days before. Sometimes I even forget to pack the right jewelry, but I never forget my belts. It’s the only accessory I need at the end of the day.”

My friend is clearly a Contorno Belt woman! She is smart, successful, and very savvy. But she’s very busy dealing with work and family responsibilities and doesn’t have time to leisurely shop in between her business travels.  She is not one for flashy clothing, but she always wears very intricate, sophisticated belts.  

Let Contorno Belts be the power accessory for your business travels.

We know this is you. Like my friend, we know you don’t have time to create a multitude of outfit combinations. Sometimes you may need to unexpectedly jump on the plane for a sales meeting with 24-hours notice. Get those two back-up, already-dry-cleaned suits you always keep in the back of your closet, pack a couple casual pants with tops, and bring 3 or 4 Contorno Belts with you. Packing is done in less than 30 minutes, and you have a multitude of power options to wear to any of your work events.

Let Contorno Belts simplify your business travel packing. We know you want to look powerful, in command, and flawless. But, you don’t have hours or prep-time putting outfits together. Contorno Belts will seal the deal.

1.) Remember you always have to plan for that casual dinner look when you travel some place warm on business. The Contorno Medora Belt will show your power while still being stylish and sophisticated.

Contorno Medora Belt

2.) Even during your off-time on business trips, you still need to look professional and in charge. A Contorno Snake Glam Belt takes a white tank top and flowy, smart dress to another level.

Contorno Snake Glam Belt

3.) The intricate detail of the Contorno Paloma Belt commands authority with everything from neutral whites, grays, blacks, and animal prints as shown here.

Contorno Paloma Belt

4.) There's no better way to add a southwestern vibe to your fall look then by adding our Contorno Sedona Belt. It absolutely pulls together that classic poncho, or cape-scarf and makes it pop.

Contorno Sedona Belt

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